Day 2 has arrived !

48 hours and not a single puff ! :D Although today was a struggle, after a restless night (which is quite strange as i normally sleep like a trooper) and a stressful morning arriving to work i was a mess. However there was times in the day where i did not even think about sparking up once, which i found shocking. My problem is not smoking when work is finished, how do non-smokers celebrate finishing a 12 hour shift without smoking ? Its beyond me. When i finished my shift i was so close to sparking up- oh the desperate times. I am now dreading tomorrow, i hear a lot of people going on about the struggle of the third day. Tomorrow also involves another 12 hour shift, so how do avoid the celebratory smoke at the end ? :confused:

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  • Sian

    well done on aceing it so far. How have you quit if you don't mnd me asking?

    Like you one of the things I struggled with most of all was the regimented fashion in which i smoked i.e. on my way to work, after work, etc.

    I have heard people say that breaking the task down into units i.e. each day at a time helps.

    Try not to dwell in your head on the fact that you might fancy a cigarette. try to think that I will feel like a cigarette but will not have one because x, y & z

    Probably not the best advice but there are plenty of people on here with better advice you'll be pleased to know

  • well done you :D

    on not smoking as to a end of shift which is a normal thing normally to smoke you have to find a stronger willpower not to or another reason which ever works for you

    not smoking is going to affect you in every aspect of your life as after all you was a smoker so it was a part of your life

    so your reasons to quit and the fact that not giving into the nicorette demon to smoke again has a hugh impact on your every working day and rest day you need to find away to distract your mind and hands till that passes that nicorette demon will try anyway it can to win you back it even sounds like common sense which is even scarier :eek:

    just remember its been around along long time so will try any way it can to entice you back

  • Sian

    How have you quit if you don't mnd me asking?

    Completely Cold Turkey :)

  • You're doing you I feel like I have this hole that needs filling when I finished work. That reward at the end of a stressful day. But really that reward was just an illusion, smoking increases your heart beat and raises blood pressure therefore increasing stress levels. It really is your mind trying to trick you into smoking again. The thought of having a cigarette is infinately better than actually smoking one (it would taste like shit and you know it).

    Instead think of something you really want...i.e. a new mobile phone, ipad anything and imagine you not smoking and saving up all the money and actually buying what you want from the saved proceeds. It's just a way of distracting your mind away from smoking. Or imagine your lungs slowly returning pink again afte all these years anythin that is positive and takes your mind off it.

    Oh and I read Allen Carr, easy way to quit smoking book. I'm not plugging it, it's been around for ages. It doesn't help everyone to quit completely but it makes you think differently about smoking altogether. It's worth a read, trust me. I read it and gave up cold turkey, that was 15 days ago and going strong. If I can do it, so can can anybody. You're doing well.

    Lisa x

  • Completely Cold Turkey :)

    That's doubly impressive in that case!

  • V impressive indeed... Kudos to you... I'm wrapping up day2, was a little tough there earlier this evening, but doing better now... Like you I'm a little apprehensive about day3, but several posts have said that it starts to get better after that... Your really are doing fantastic going CT, very best of luck for tomorrow :-)

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