Elevator Goooing Up!!

On the gleaming corridor of the 22nd floor

I’m off into week 4 and I don’t smoke anymore

Today is day 21 in ”the nooer smoorkin’ hoose”, which means after one more sleep I will be posting from the one month forum. Can’t believe it!

To be honest week three has been a bit of a bas**rd but still standing.

To all the October 2011s already in there, move along and make some room and to those just behind, see you in a few days.


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  • Yeahhhhh C,mon GTAT!:D:D

    How well are you doing! So, so proud of you, and thank you for all the support you have given to me.

    Well done and keep it up.:D

    Lillie xxx

    PS....Fluffing up the sofa as we speak.

  • Thanks Lillie - we'll all get there if we stick together.

    Last couple of days have been a lot better on the craving front but have been feeling v emotional - think it may be the Zyban


  • Zyban was originally developed as an anti depressant so just mention it to your doctor or quit nurse when you next see them.

    Lillie x

  • Yeah I know - I asked for it specifically, I took it in 2001 and stopped for over 10months, I then caved in for reasons I won’t bore you with. But for the first few weeks while I took I was relatively fine.

    I have since tried with Champix in 2008 and it seemed to have no effect at all, the whole quit was a disaster. So I thought I would try with Zyban again. In fact my quit counsellor is an ex-smoker (which is great) and he quit with Zyban.

    Maybe it is what’s making me up and down, but then again maybe it isn’t - it is a common phenomenon it people trying to stop I believe.

    To be honest I think I might just stop it all and see how I feel – I am convinced that 99.9% of all this is in our heads anyway and I am an emotional person – I used to cry at Little House on the Prairie!!


  • I can beat that - I've cried watching Countdown!

    I'm going searching for posts that tell us that IT DOES GET EASIER.

    I know it will, it's just that it doesn't feel like it sometimes!

    Happy Friday everyone


  • Ill match your little house on the prairie and up you a lassie film lol.

    Im beginning to agree that its all in our head as when Im busy I dont give smoking a 2nd thought.

    Lillie xx

  • Lassie I can understand but Countdown Sue!!:eek:

    I'll have three from the top Carol, 2 from the bottom and pack of tissues please

    Still hangin' in there?

    Anyway in good mood tonight, just been out with OH for quick drinkie with a friend who has just got a new job after over a year out of work.

    ... and Lillie - I am sure a lot is in the head. In the thread about cold turkey I put a post about my parents, who were both heavy smokers and how when they went into hospital they would happily not smoke for a week or 2 and then start straight back on 20 - 30 a day as soon as they came home.

  • I sat and sobbed watching Free Willy 2 this afternoon. My kids thought I was nuts!:rolleyes:

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