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Day many benefits

Hi Everyone,

At 10pm tonight it will be one calendar month since I stopped smoking. To be honest I don't think I would have got here without THANK YOU VERY MUCH, you're all wonderful

The benefits after one month...

(In no particular order)

1. Enormous sense of pride. Quitting smoking can be challenging and we're all facing it head on and dealing with it.

2. I can walk up stairs and hills without getting out of breath..yes! in 1 month!

3. Cough has gone completely

4. The skin on the back of my hands has become strangely smooth. Weird!

5. I smell like my perfume or me, not horrible stale smoke.

6. Could kiss a complete stranger at any time and not be embarrassed by my tobacco breath (Might come in useful!!)

7. My hair doesn't get frizzy because I have to go outside in the rain to the smoking shed...therefore look much nicer at work!!!

8. I used to do aerobics when I smoked and felt there was a point I couldn't go beyond (lack of lung power). Now I feel I could get as fit as I want to be.

9. It's fortunate I suppose that most of my friends, family and colleagues are non-smokers. I no longer feel like I am a weak, flawed, smelly, addicted person when I'm with them.

10. Quitting smoking is something I've wanted to do for the last 3 years and now I've done it and I'll never have to do it again!!! (Unless I chose to...which would be MADNESS!)

Loads of luck to everyone on their continuing quits.


(have smoked for 30 odd years, 10 - 15 per day, probably double that at weekends, roll-ups!)

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There are so many benefits Lizzie, so glad you made it to a month, it gets even better the longer you go. For years I coughed in the mornings, now I never cough! Keep on reaping the benefits.

Best wishes.

Maria. x:)


Lizzie , you should join our October 2011 quit group.




and dont forget all that money you have saved :) hope your giving yourself lots of treats

regards Carol


Congratulations, Lizzie - a great achievement! :)


Hi Lizzie,

Many congrats on completing your first month smoke-free, that is such a HUGE achievement:D And now you are into Month 2:cool:

I can relate to a lot of the benefits you have listed including the increased fitness and stairs!! I practically ran up my doctors stairs on Monday, whereas previously I had to drag myself up by the handrails, they are steep ones:o So that was enough proof for my doctor to believe I am not smoking as he heard the rapid thudding as I approached!! And my terrible cough has gone too, apart from a little bit occasionally.

The stop smoking process is not easy, but once the benefits become noticeable it is so worth it. I certainly would not swap my new found fitness for a stupid weed:p

So be very proud of yourself Lizzie, you are doing fantastically.


Zoe xx



woo hoo another Oct 11 in Month 2!!! Welcome to our humble abode ;)


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