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Why so naive!!!

Hello everyone - am about to go into Day 9 and have to admit today has been a tough one so far.

Yesterday - I honestly thought I was a million miles away from craving - in fact it I actually went for about 3 hours without thinking of smoking - which in comparision to the previous days - is an absolute miracle.

Today it seems the early quitting status quo has returned!! I am thinking about smoking all the time (when I say thinking about - I don't mean going out and getting some - just thinking about the amount of time I have been quit, how hard it will be to stay quit etc etc).

Anyway - I really am blahing blahing now - so will stop!

Know I just need to go back to focusing one day at a time!

Thanks for reading this absolute ramble of a post! :-)

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Hey Chris - you never can tell. Yesterday was Day 19 for me and out of the blue it was the worst day I've had for ages. Use this forum there will always be someone to support you. There always has been for me.

One day at a time - I know it's a terrible cliche but cliches usually become cliches because they're true.

Keep on keepin' on



Hi Chris,

You will have plenty of ups and downs over the coming weeks but rest assured it does get better - Even at Day 61 I find myself having the odd intense thought of smoking but it passes just like the rest have.

Keep going - It is well and truly worth it.



ahh not good but you will have up and down days but the days do lead into weeks and then months and you will feel even more proud of what you have done for yourself and also think of all the money your not giving the government on the price of a pack of ciggys:p instead you can save it and treat yourself :D


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