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No Smoking Day
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So this is what week 3 looks like

:DI made it to here and cant wait to see what is instore for me. I am doing well keeping myself busy with all kinds of things. Starting to sort out this over eating thing to but not so easy.

My dogs think its christmas they have been spoiled more than usual. My husband thinks i am crazy cuase i wanted to start running (both of us but his still smokes)lol (Shame poor man still being captive by that smelly sickning monster.)

He did say last night that he wants to stop too so maybe both of us will be non smokers soon. This is having a good effect on both of us lol, just need to keep telling him how good i feel.

Ok speak to you soon and please keep the post coming i love reading them

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Well done :D

Week 3 is a great achievement


:D well done keep staying positive it wont be long before your in week 4 and then before you know it 3 months have passed :eek:

it gets easier but try not to forget about that demon nicorette as he does sulk and pretend he isnt there just to sneak in when you least expect it but the more you ignore him the more you get more power back from him :D


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