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Day 13 unlucky for some but not for me!

What a funny old day today has been. It's just been me and my son Harrison as it was yesterday but for some reason I've been really irritated all day. Mind you my three year old didn't help...whilst I was on the phone making an important call he decided to drag a chair from the kitchen and get his felt tip pens which I'd put up on the kitchen worktops (thinking they were safe up on high), he then drew all over the coffee table. Honestly I was on the phone 10 minutes...little monkey. Well that put me out, then he didn't want to do this, didn't want to do that, wouldn't let me clean, rubbed playdoh into the carpet, threw his pillows and toys onto the floor everytime I'd pick em up, missed the toilet and peed everywhere (that's a daily occurence anyway), honestly I was thinking my child is Damien.

I gave up, sat down and put my head in my hands. He says "what's up mummy?" I said "I give up"......."let's watch Toy Story 2 and eat chocolate", he says "let's do it" LOL! So funny....oh and the best he's come out with to date is;

"Mummy, boys have willies and girls have elbows"...daddy will need to talk to him when he's older I think.

I started this post saying it's been a funny old day, I guess what I mean by that is the range of emotions I've felt....I guess I'm not that used to the rawness of them without fags (if you get what I mean). Emotions ranging from irritation, exasperation, anger, upset to resignation, happiness and laughter. Most of those emotional times I'd have gone outside for a cigarette and mentally switched off. It's been a funny old day where I realised one way or another I'm gonna have to cope with stress without cigarettes. However when stress ends up with you watching a kids movie, eating M&M's with your three year old rather than chuffing on a fag outside in the cold then I think I know which one I'd rather choose now.

Lisa X

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Great post Lisa, it brought a smile to my face.

Keep up the good work.




I have two much younger brothers (my mom remarried), and I can definitely relate to this! Even at 8 and 10 they can still be a handful, non-stop talking and arguing :rolleyes:.

I'm glad you dealt with your stress, and had some quality time with your son in the process (the film I mean). You don't get that from the white sticks! ;)

Well done for coming so far x


Mine are growing up now, but the funniest thing I ever heard one of them say was when my wife asked one how things had been at school and what he had learnt, he replied that he had learnt that an Octopus has 8 testicles


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