Day 8!!!

Hello everyone!!

2 hours into Day 8 - I can now post in the Week 2 section. Whoop!! :-)

Today has actually been my best day so far by quite a margin - my concentration is returning and the craves are getting further apart. However, I will not let my guard down. From alot of the reading I have done - on this forum and elsewhere - looking at at least 21 days before a sense of normality returns.

In other news - my housemate has quit today - which is great!!! I could be a stressy house to live in tho over the next couple of weeks!

Anyway, today's post over. Hope everyone is good.


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  • Hi

    well done - day 8. I had very little cravings so little that i got worried that it might sneak up on me later, but I am happy to report that there is nothing and that my body starts to feel very good, I feel healthy, my senses are top and I feel great. I know its only day 14 but hell what a difference its made already O ja the only thing that did get me down was the fact that i could not sleep.

    Good luck with both of you quiting.

  • Congratulations Chris! I'm not far behind you .... and can't wait to join you all in Week 1.


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