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Day 19

Day 19 in the no smoking house

.....and for some reason today is the hardest for a week or so. Constant knot in my stomach, a feeling of uneasiness, a bit like when you realise you have forgotten to do something really important, a nagging feeling that will not go away.

This isn't fair - it should get easier, I haven't used any NRT so have not had nicotine in my body for well over 2 weeks. It must all be in my head, gods knows there's enough space in there!


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GTAT - You have done SOOOOO well. Maybe this is a boulder rather than a pebble, but you know you can get past it. Go for a walk, brush your teeth, drink water very slowly .... or maybe have another bowl of muesli! This is when you need those frozen grapes!!

Chin up, you can do it



Thanks - feeling a bit better now. Already eaten loads of grapes.

Should be working but can't concentrate......


May play a little solitaire or some computer game or buy something off ebay! Something to take your mind off it for a while!

Almost 3 weeks, that's amazing:D


beat you to it - been playing online poker. V naughty - should be working



lol, well if you cant concentrate you may as well try and win a few quid:D happy days, online poker is helping my husband at the moment, im pretty much gymin it at nights....wonder how long before me and hubby will be able to spend an evening together without killing eachother lol... x


Hey gtat,

I had the day from HELL on Day 20, so guess you got it one day early:( But the good news is....TA DAAAA:D Week 4 was absolutely blooming fabulous and then some:D So hang on in there and you will be so surprised at yourself. Can't believe how fit I feel at the mo, and at my age too:eek:

Stay strong,

Zoe xxxx


I take it you've read the blog post about the terrible threes? I think that's where you're at.

Hang tough. This too shall pass.

I've found that breathing exercises really help that knotted feeling. Not deep breaths necessarily, although they can help to calm you. But try taking a huge deep breath and blowing out in short hard puffs. It helps to relieve the muscular tension which is part of the cause AND has the added benefit of making you realise that you can now do this without coughing and wheezing!

Hope you feel better tomorrow.

H x


All of you, thanks for support. Tomorrow will be better;).



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