Day 28...stress

Don't want to be negative, especially after my recent gushing posts, but today has been stressful, and I really wanted to smoke. I didn't crave a fag...just wanted one to get out of the situation. Have a moment by myself and think.

Need to be able to do that without associating it with smoking. I'll get there!

Nearly one calendar month soon!! WOW

Thanks everyone


2 Replies

  • Hey, happens to us all. Important thing is, you're still keepin' on


  • Hope tomorrow sees you feeling upbeat, better again.

    When you think back just how often we'd take ourselves away for those 10 min breaks ... it's no wonder we feel a little 'me' time is being missed.

    I didn't always vanish off just for a smoke. There were times I'd disappear to catch a quiet moment but have a smoke at the same time.

    If poss take yourself out for those 5 or 10 mins away .... use it think about stuff, to congratulate your time quit ... anything really :)

    Down days, stressful days do get easier to manage and the thought of a smoke to help do reduce.

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