No Smoking Day
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Day 28...stress

Don't want to be negative, especially after my recent gushing posts, but today has been stressful, and I really wanted to smoke. I didn't crave a fag...just wanted one to get out of the situation. Have a moment by myself and think.

Need to be able to do that without associating it with smoking. I'll get there!

Nearly one calendar month soon!! WOW

Thanks everyone


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Hey, happens to us all. Important thing is, you're still keepin' on



Hope tomorrow sees you feeling upbeat, better again.

When you think back just how often we'd take ourselves away for those 10 min breaks ... it's no wonder we feel a little 'me' time is being missed.

I didn't always vanish off just for a smoke. There were times I'd disappear to catch a quiet moment but have a smoke at the same time.

If poss take yourself out for those 5 or 10 mins away .... use it think about stuff, to congratulate your time quit ... anything really :)

Down days, stressful days do get easier to manage and the thought of a smoke to help do reduce.


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