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Week 5

Well here I am at the beginning of the 2nd month and a good few days into week 5. I have never gone past 4 weeks before now, and I only did that once, many years ago.

My poor mouth is still suffering, I have ulcers, part of my gum at the front is inflamed, and my teeth have become extremely sensitive. Ive tried using very mild mouthwash but even that burns me so much I have to do a quick rinse then spit it out and rinse my tongue off.

The thing is if this had happened when I smoked I would never have blamed it on smoking, I know this because I have had problems with my gums for many years and no matter what the dentist said I wouldnt give up. I know its worse now as the ph balance in my saliva has changed because Im not smoking, but whats a girl supposed to do.

I can put up with the pain in my mouth for however long it takes or I can sit back and watch my illness develop into chronic bronchitis or emphesemia or if Im really unlucky I could end up going through cancer and all the treatment that brings with it.

No contest really...So get on with it mouth, bring it on, give it your best because you will not be getting any more smoke.

lillie xxxxx

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ahh poor you :( if you have any soothing tea bags like camillia mix with some hot water and then just rinse your mouth with it once its cooled down

great news on the second month :D and glad given your mouth probs your still not giving into the nicorette demon




Sorry to hear that your gums are hurting so much. Do you have any of that gel type stuff to coat those ulcers?? If not you should get some they are good, tastes horrible but seals the ulcer, stops the ache and allows healing to happen....I know!!!

Stay strong with the quit and don't allow this to distract you from your resolve...:)


I keep getting ulcers on the side of my tongue, feels like i hvae bitten it. My gums sometimes bleed when I clean my teeth as well, but the dentist told me this would happen. It's because the blood flow improves I think.

this will all pass though, never going back



A sore mouth is horrible isnt it GTAT. Grumpie Ive ordered a natural type thing to try, if it doesnt work I'll be heading out to get the bonjella seal thing.

Carol, thank you for the encouragement.

The gum on my eye tooth at the front bottom of my mouth, well it looks like it has no gum left tonight. Im going to phone the dentist in the morning and get her to have a look at it.

Nice Image..........Sorry

Lillie x


Get to the dentist first thing.what is it with you mrs eveytime you get somat i get it .lost afilling and now its scratching my tongue. i thought once id quit smoking eveything would only ever be fantastic. now that iv said that its suddenly a glass half full again..5 weeks ay..pretty blooming fantastic:D

Mash x


Hi Lillie,

Congrats on getting into Week 5 and welcome to Month 2 yaaaay:D Well done you:cool:

I know how annoying and painful this mouth malarky is, my gums are hurting too and I still get rivers of blood everytime I clean my teeth, lol I look like I've turned into a vampire in the mornings:( Guess a trip to the dentist would be a good idea for me too. I'm sure we will get better soon though.

So get on with it mouth, bring it on, give it your best because you will not be getting any more smoke.

I love your style Lillie, you are one positive lady and will soooo make it to the penthouse:D


Zoe xxxx


LOL sorry mash, I promise not to get anything else. But Im going to hospital in the morning so wont have an appointment tomorrow but I will be phoning her:o

lillie xx


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