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Catch Up !!

Hi everyone,

Just thought i would drop in and see how everyone is getting on.

I have been quit now for over 7 months and i feel great. I really feel like a non smoker. Many of my friends smoke and i can be with them and it does not bother me at all. I even go outside with them when they have a ciggie.

I honestly dont crave cigs anymore. I am astonished at how i have coped with my quit. I have had some major personal and emotional times of late and i have not once wanted to smoke. My quit has truly been tested.

I am immensley proud of myself and my children (5 & 11) are proud of their non smoking mum :D

I hope you are all doing well in your quits. I am living proof that it can be done, and it doesnt have to be too stressfull.


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Well done on 7 months thats fantastic.

Not long now till the penthouse. I'll save you a seat. :)


Jingle Jo

what an achienement . 7 month !!!!

congratulations from me :D


Congrats Jo for 7 months and after that time not wanting a cigarette at all, very reassuring for us newbies. I also have a son to think of and one of my reasons is quitting for him as well as myself and hubby. Not long until the penthouse, pre-order the most expensive drink going.

Luv Lisa X (Day 11 and going strong).


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