No Smoking Day
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Can not wait

Ok so the clock has only just past midnight but Whoooohoooooo

Come and join my party cause today is my 1 year anniversary :D

Did I ever think I would post something like this? Hell no I wasnt even packing in smoking but thanks to a very bad chest infection my smoking days were numbered. (Seems strange saying thanks to an infection!! LOL)

Anyway Im sat on my chair at the bar in the penthouse and quite like the feeling of staying in this place. Lifetime membership has been paid and I intend on keeping it that way.

Just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who has helped me along this very trying road no matter how small or large your posts were they helped me so much in keeping motivated.

Drinks are on me x

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Hi timetostop and many congrats on reaching the penthouse, it must be a great feeling:D And it's a great inspiration for newbies like me, so thanks for your post:cool:

Enjoy the party:p



Way to go TTS,

Huge congrats on this huge milestone.....year 2 who would have thought it??


Congratulations Hun. Your first full year. I thought that was you at the bar earlier ;) anyhow, well done hunni, its always nice seeing the newbies joining us up here in the penthouse.

Enjoy your day you so deserve it x


Congrats timeto stop,

I'm on just Day11 and stopped due to a really bad chest infection (got to the point where I couldn't smoke even when I tried (and I did try)). Anyhoo, it's really good to see people getting to the penthouse, really hits home that you can do it, if you really want to. If you can send down a pint of stella down from the penthouse, much appreciated.

Well done Lisa X


See you in 348 days.....

Well done, must feel great.

Not sure which I find most encouraging, posts like yours, or posts from people at same stage as me. Both are really inspiring. so thanks for your post.

save me a seat, and mine's a large malt with a single piece of ice.




It's always great to see someone reach the penthouse. One year, you're there, you've done it! It's a massive achievement and you should be hugely proud of yourself.

I look forward to joining you at the bar next month. Mine will be a large glass of red.


Helen x



mines a bacardi with diet pepsi and ice please

its got a great view up here dont you think :)


Well done TTS, that's the first one over with, onwards and upwards now and time doesn't half fly when life's better doesn't it. David


WELL DONE a year fantastic you have reached the penthouse.:)


Thanks everyone for your kind words. Just put the drinks order in and they should be with you soon x :D

Cheers x



And another one in the penthouse... It's getting pretty crowded in here :D


The picture is not intended to depict the person celebrating their one year anniversary :rolleyes:


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