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Lump feeling in throat/hoarseness

Hi I'm new on here and wondering if anyone gets these very strange symptoms I'm currently getting. I gave up smoking a week ago mainly because I was so scared of ever-increasing hoarseness. I'd cut down to two a day, then one a day but I was now and again unable to carry on speaking as my voice would suddenly "go" in the middle of a sentence. This worried me so much I just went cold turkey, from maximum 10 a day to nothing. But the hoarseness got worse and I have a permanent feeling of a "phlegm lump" in my throat which I keep trying to clear but there's no phlegm there. I panicked yesterday as I felt this lump was restricting my breathing and went to A+E. Even there my voice went completely. I was convinced I'd got laryngeal cancer and was in such a state the doctor told me he would arrange for me to have a camera put down within the next week - but he did say he couldn't detect anything wrong. The only thing he thought it might be due to was "silent reflux" - I do get a lot of heartburn in my throat. Anyway just wondering if anyone else has got this in giving up smoking? Sorry about long text!! Thank you, Sarah.

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I'm 54/55 days into not smoring and have been reading posts in this forum for most of that time and one thing that i've learned is that when you stop smoking your body can react very strange ways. It would appear that almost anything is possible. Most of these problems seem to resolve themselves fairly quickly.

Its good that you are having this investigated but it is probably a symptom of stopping smoking and will pass fairly quickly.

But well done on not smoking for a week. You have the worst part of a quit over you.

If you read some of the experience described in this forum you will find a lot of usefull information.

well done on getting this far.:):)


Gaviscon + lump in throat

Thank you for your replies. I only had this starting when I'd gone down to two a day. But yes I was still smoking...... I've taken the aniseed version of Gsaviscon for about 30 years and had that burning in my throat an awful lot. But I've never had this on-off on- off raspy voice before - or this feeling there is a ball of phlegm at the back of my throat. I'm not missing ciggies as I'm too scared of it being cancer - sorry for being negative. - I will post on here what the diagnosis is when I get the camera results on my throat.


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