Day 5 Begins!

Afternoon All,

So reflections on the past 4 days.

Day 1 - The 3 hour hurdle was tough - I have had previous quits where I have fallen at the first fence - I don't even count them really as I didn't learn anything. Eurphoric to get through it

Day 2 - Easier than expected to be honest - didn't do much at work - but not too many cravings.

Day 3 - The "Biggie". Getting the last of the Nicotine out is a big deal in my head - as mentioned before - I drunk shedloads of green tea - just to make sure! :-)

Day 4 - Know the mind games begin - I know that every crave I have is caused from the brain rather than a Nicotine requirement. Last night - I had to "sacrifice" a night out on the ale - not ready to face that yet!!

An observation on all 96.5 hours so far - is that this forum is AMAZING and the people are FANTASTIC! Just reading some of the stories and comments on here is so inspiring. Thank you everyone!

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  • Way to go! Your journey sounds exactly like mine. With the exception I chewed nic gum for a few days, now cold turkey.

    Funny thing is right now, I don't even miss the 'trigger' times, like hopping in the car, morning coffee, stuff like that. I was driving around yesterday and it's fricking cold here right now. I'd see people huddled outside buildings smoking and I'd feel sorry for them.

    I actually think of myself as a non-smoker this time, not just a smoker who quit.

  • Day 5 here for me and I am beginning to notice how bad smokers and smoking areas smell!! Well done chris, we are all here with you.

  • well done :D your sounding so positive and i agree the people on this forum are a massive help :D

    plus the smilies give me so much joy hehe :D

    its the simple things that appeal to me at the end of the day :p

  • You're doing great - well done :)

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