No Smoking Day
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....and for my next trick!

Can't believe it, last night was poker night at my mate's house. Considered not going as I knew there would lots of smokers there. But decided "sod it".

7 out of 10 there were smokers and I didn't cave in, I wasn't even tempted, HONESTLY I wasn't. I know there's still a long way to go but it shows how far we have all come in a short time.

Keep on going everyone, especially October 2011 quitters


PS - didn't win, got s****y cards all night, seemed unfair really

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Superb gtat!!! Saw your post yesterday and sensed that you may have been worried about this trigger!! Really really pleased that you came thought it- and with flying colours by the sound of it!! :)

What a happy start to Saturday!


Well done gtat - another achievement! :)


well done you :D it is hard to do regular stuff which you did as a smoker especially if your with smokers but you did it :) just remember to take each craving as it comes along and keep your mind busy it will pass

regards Carol


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