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Double Figures

Yes it's Day 10...and in a few days time it'll be 2 weeks quit. How did that come about, seems like week 2 is going fast which is a bonus. Anyway, would just like to let anyone thinking of quitting know...if I can do it, then anyone can.

And on a positive note...I didn't think of wanting a smoke when I woke up first thing this morning...gotta be an improvement on the old crave situation.

Lisa x

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Keep on keepin' on

Hey Lisa well done.

The mornings are still the hardest part for me, that's why I am on here.



Whoop! Double figures. I'm hitting triple figures today- in hours! ;)

Great to see you are getting on well- the mornings are tough! But you have now conquered it 10 times!! It will get easier!! :)



:D HUGH CONGRATS on reaching double figures :D:D


Well done, Lisa! :)


Cheers guys, don't know why but double figures means more than a week to me...LOL!

Just calculated I probably smoked 95,000 fags over my smoking career, bloody frightening.

On a bummer note, just going to the emergency docs as I'm experiencing chest pain and my coughing and wheezing is way worse, bringing up putrice green snot every 20 mins or so. I felt so bad later on in the morning that I really felt like having a fag, as I felt so horrible. My logic was "I actually feel worse now I've given up smoking, so I may as well smoke"...well anyway I didn't give in. Spoke to the doc on the phone and it seems like I have a bad chest infection (my own G.P.'s so pants, I suggested this two weeks ago and she poo pooed it as a virus)!!!!

Anyway getting sorted...but looks like I'll be in work next week :( ha!


:( ahh big hugs Lisa hope your soon feeling better

if you had still been smoking you would most probably feel even worse then you do now x


Get you, with your double figures!!! Really well done Lisa.

Sorry that you are feeling crappy physically, but it's great to hear you sounding so much more positive.

Perversely, I am kind of looking forward to getting a cold at the moment. Colds for me have always been followed by bronchitis, and I am waiting to see if that is still the case now.... :rolleyes:

Anyway, keep on keeping on. :)


Well done Lisa on the double digits :)

I hope you get your chest infection sorted out soon. Some of it might be part of your body clearing out smoking debris at the same time - I know that's not going to make you feel physically better, but I hope it makes you feel a bit of comfort while your body goes all Kim & Aggie on you.


Jen x


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