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Day 5 but grumpy

Evening all,

Thank god it's the weekend. Had another hell day at work today. I had such a strong need to tell everyone to p**s of today. Everyone was getting on my nerves for one reason or another. Had to take myself off at lunch time again which didn't go down well. Got some stupid comment about others not being good enough for me. Had to bite my tongue and not open my mouth just in case which was seen as agreement. You know what, I don't give a stuff :mad:

Didn't smoke, wouldn't smoke, will not smoke but will try to be a bit less of a grumpy moo next week - maybe ;)

Gaynor x

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well done gaynor

hi gaynor

well done getting through the week from hell ;0)))) heres hoping the weekend is a breeze and fuels you with positive vibes for next week xx


Hi Gaynor,

Don't be too hard on yourself. You're allowed to be grumpy and you were very controlled not to react. AND you got through it without smoking!!!

Next week will be a doddle!!

You should be VERY proud of yourself.

Enjoy your weekend



Thanks msb,

Yes a nice chilled weekend, perhaps some granchildren squishies. Will just need a lottery win to make it all perfect lol.

G x


Thanks Lizzie,

It was the work place that made me sooooooooo grumpy, not the quit. The difference is I couldn't stomp off and have a fag or two :eek: I coped like a non smoker would but with steam coming out of my ears and not smoke lol. Not that smoke every came out of my ears - I think :rolleyes:

Enjoy your weekend to Lizzie and keep strong ;)

G x


So happy to hear you're on day 5, Gaynor! Well done and you sound awesome for being grumpy! Have a great weekend, hope the grumpiness passes and if not just come on here and shout a bit! ;) bella


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