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Day 10 Yeeeeeaaaahhh !!!!!!

Day 10

Killer headache. One nasty voice in head saying silly things like aaahh have one just a drag come on you can do it. Needless to say - it aint happening guess its getting back at me for not giving in so it send me this killer headache 2 days now. Sleep is coming a little better not sure if its the headache tablets. lol

Feeling good just gettting worried for not having all the other symptoms everyone is talking about, had a runny noise en a little cough a few days ago but other than that nothing. Help getting worried. O ja and today i ate everything i saw again.

Is it normal to have "symptoms" come and go like this. (eating) lol. I think if i carry on eating like there is no tommorrow i will have to join weight watchers too. lol

Hope tomorrow will be better thanks to all for your posts i love reading them and i love the humor.

speak to you soon


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Hey Done,

Congrats on day 10...I'm chasing behind ya on day 9. Haul yer ass over to the October 2011 group. WOuld be nice if you joined. Keep it up or I'll catch you and beat you up.

Lisa X


Hey Done, well done on the 10 days, it'll be twenty before you know it!

I wouldn't worry too much about not having symptoms, not everyone does (I didn't). Although I would say that your headache might be part of your body clearing out, like a head cold kinda thingy.

I ate an absolute ton of food during the first two (ok, three :o) weeks, I think it calms down after a while.



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