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made it this far!!

Hi guys

not been on here for a while..... posted a comment on week 2 when I was feeling a bit low early one morning and I must say the comments recieved were not only welcomed but were an inspiration to carry on quitting!!

It's day 19 now and I've saved £120.00 (I have an app on my iphone which gives me this information). I'm soooooo proud of myself and I feel that I can come through this in one piece. The eearly morning cravings are still there but are much more manageable. Still chewing the 2mg gum (around 7 pieces a day) and was wondering when should I replace the nicotene gum with normal chewing gum???? Any suggestions guys


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Hi jo and well done :)

It's very hard to say when/how to come off NRT, as everyone is different. what I would say is do what you feel most comfortable with, and remember that NRT is always better than smoking, so if you stop or step down, and feel you might get tempted to smoke, the gum is a much better choice :)

Jen x


Thanks Jen......

I have bought some normal gum and will try to replace even the odd one... However, will not rush

Jo :D


well done :D

with all that money you have saved you will be able to have a very nice treat for yourself and you deserve it :D:D


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