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Day 12

Hi Everyone

I read the Allen Carr EasyWay book last friday and i have had a fantastic week! I've stopped taking the Tabex tablets and i have been sleeping better! I endured the Halloween party on Saturday nite with 30 people smoking around me and i didn't even want a cigarette! My life has definitely changed! Why should i be moping about because i have stopped smoking? The answer is i won't be! I think everyone who is trying to stop smoking should attempt to read the easyway book...if nothing else it helps to deal with the evil voice in your head sneaking up when u least expect it! Now when it suggests i want a cigarette i just laugh!

Good luck with your journey everyone!


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Hiya Vic, so good to read you're feeling great. I too read Allen Carr and I dunno something just clicked and I thought what a muppet I've been....stuck in the trap and not even knowing it LOL!

heh heh heh...brilliant. Well done for going to the party, having a bloody good time by the sounds of it, and laughing in the face of Mr. Nic. I dunno whether I could do that yet!!

So good to hear an inspirational post like this...I think I'd be feeling better about my quit if I was feeling better health wise. It can only get better with time here's to us <raises glass in a toast>.

Lisa x


Hi Lisa

I felt like a muppet too. Every excuse used by smokers as to why they can't give up i had said a million times over! I think i'm feeling so good because the cigarettes made me feel so bad! I had a rattle in my chest for 6 months which is now gone so i'm getting a great night's sleep now!

Keep goin lisa!!!!



Hiya Vicky

You sound REALLY's great. I'm taking Champix and have also read Allen Carr at the start of my quit. I think he makes it sound SO easy you don't feel quite so scared of not smoking. It really helped.



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