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No Smoking Day
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Day 3 and also feeling good

Alright, day 3 here and feeling well, only thing to report is weird sleep patterns being unsettled and taking a while to get to sleep. However, this is offset by alot more energy so no longer fall asleep on the train in the morning - this is bad as enjoyed it.

breating has started to improve - less conjestion and, i can report an massive improvement in the old digestion area :p

One thing is certain I will not smoke today and reverse these improvements.

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Big well done Dagget...the sleeping will get easier, though I think it varies from person to person. I'm on Day 8 and the insomnia is easing slightly as in instead of just 2/3 hours sleep I'm getting 6 or more.

I get up with more energy too, my husband can't believe it...normally he has to leave his troll-like wife for half an hour to wake up but now I'm awake in minutes. My bronchitis is slowly getting better, no more wheezing and tight chests.

We're doing a brilliant thing...only pluses no minuses.

See you at the end of Day 4 mate. X


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