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Finding it hard

Was going alright until this afternoon....the conversation I had with myself..bloody hell. "Aww you've done brilliantly, why not go down the shop get some fags smoke a few and then quit again". "Well it just won't be one or two now will it?". "oh yes it will cos you've already given up a week"..........oh man.

I swear mentally I already had my shoes on and was getting into my car. Still feel like one now. Gonna have to bash my head against a brick.

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Oh no you dont!!!!!!

Its amazing how that little voice pops up when you dont expect it.......I've lost count of the battles I've had in my head this last 13 days!!!!! and so far the "good" voice has won :)

You have done so well. Dont be beaten now, you know you will regret it.

Sue x


so persuasive

I know....that's the kind of crave I really don't like. I can kick the "I want a fag" crave into line. It's the sneaky mind game crave I hate. I can't go back to Day 1 again. It really will make me worse smoking. Just hoping these kinds of craves subside after a while. thanks Sue...finding the latter half of this day really hard.


I think my usual sort of "crave" time is the late afternoons :confused:

I can cope quite well (ish) in the mornings and now the evenings are dark and dank it doesnt seem so bad not nipping out into the garden for a fag but its the know, when its too early to start the dinner, nothing much to do (well, nothing that you WANT to do). Thats the time that I find the most difficult. AND thats when the "voices" talk to me " you could have a quick smoke, no one need know" .

Thats why I find myself here at this time of day ;)


Day 14 know what you mean

Hi both my quit day was same as you chickennoodle, 21st Oct.

I swear the first week was easier than second! It's not fair is it?



It's the sneaky mind game crave I hate. I can't go back to Day 1 again. It really will make me worse smoking. Just hoping these kinds of craves subside after a while.

Just hang on in there Lisa - you are doing brilliantly - and keeping us all entertained along the way!

Sometimes I think that you and Zoe have been planted here by NSD just to keep our spirits up.... :D

But if you are real ;) then don't worry - those craves weaken quite quickly. After my first few weeks, I downgraded them from craves to "wants" which demanded less attention and effort on my part.


Yeah, i'm definately finding it harder now than say on day 3/4...weird. Maybe it's our mindset. i.e. we were all geared up for quitting at the beginning and now the mindset has wandered a bit. My mind is definately getting more devious now.

We can do it though, but I may have to go to bed early tonight. LOL!


Hi Lisa,

Your doing ACE by the way..... so don't f*** things up now !!

Have a read of this :

I felt exactly the same as you during my week 2.... it's all getting a bit boring etc... and the mind games....

just try one.... :rolleyes:

if it's horrible you now for sure that you don't ever want to smoke.... :eek:

one ciggie won't make much difference...

Think of that nicodemon voice asking you not to... 'just try one'

but.... 'just go back to full time smoking' :eek:

You'd tell him to f*** Off ! ..... without a second thought !!

Good luck... and stay strong, I'm only a week or so infront of you and you definately think less and less about smoking with each passing day ;)


Oh to be a stooge for this site Mrs T! I wouldn't be quitting...Zoemac, well I never trusted that chick ;) (Only joking zoe).

Just trying to get through it has indeed been pants. Thought it was all going a bit too well.

I do believe I'm going mad "with the voices" in my head. Well, we're all strong. I'm gonna keep with the quit and fingers crossed this goes away a bit. Cheers all for your support.

P.S. Thanks for that link's really helped. X


MrsT got it down pat when she said the feeling go from a crave to a want.

Ive noticed lately that subconciously I think oh lets have a smoke now. But then I have to stop and think oooohhh what was that thought? They really arent that much to write home about.

Keep in mind that link I gave to you, and also remember that you smoked for a long time you are not going to get over it in a couple of weeks.

Know this, embrace this, and get settled in to beat the nicodemons butt.

Lillie xx


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