Strangely wonderful

Of all the things I expected and dreaded in the process of giving up - I never in a million years expected to be enjoying it :eek:

Day 37 - certainly didn't expect to get here - I remember telling my husband 40 days ago that I'm going to try but I don't expect to suceed. Well - I don't think of myself as a non-smoker yet but 37 successful days of not smoking will do me just fine thank you very much.

So apart from that "surprised at myself" feeling - this morning I smelt the woods I walk through for the first time - it was just wonderful, taking in huge sniffs and being able to smell the wet vegetation. I could smell the rain and it smelt GOOD! For the first time this morning I got a high from the huge deep breath of air I was able to inhale - oxygen is my new addiction I think. And I'm beating my record on walking to the station 25 minutes down to 20! And I get more time in bed as I'm not getting up early to make time to smoke (:rolleyes:).

I am having really stressful days at work - but for some reason my mood stays just the same - happy and relaxed and letting all go past me...AND not really thinking about smoking.

I am gradually - ever so slowly but surely getting used to be a non-smoker.

And as great as I feel right now - I never ever want to smoke again if only because I would have to give up again, and the 2nd time round would just not have the same feeling to it.

I still get cravings though - but they just serve to remind me enjoy the happiness but never to forget that the nico-demon is still there waiting to pounce if I let my guard down.

And this is just today as well - tomorrow could be one of those massive craving days - but hey ho, that's tomorrow.

Anyone else feeling like this - remember Zoe singing alot a couple of weeks ago...:D



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  • This has cheered me up no end!!! What a positive post!!

    Looking forward to scaling the heights that you have!!!

    Christmas will be day 55 and I look forward to smelling the food cooking with fresh vigour!

  • Enjoyed reading your post Fellie, it's good that you are seeing so many positives in your quit :)


  • 'The hills are alive with the sound of music,

    With songs they have sung for a thousand years':D

    Oh hi Fellie, did I hear my name mentioned ??:p

    I know exactly what you mean cos I am actually starting to enjoy this not smoking malarky:eek: I had the most appalling day yesterday as I had no electricity, and all the food I had was stuff that needed cooking, as even I am not barmy enough to eat raw potatoes (yet)!! And the fridge was starting to defrost itself. Double eek. So I tried to resolve the situation, and this involved a phone call that went on for so long that by now the battery on my phone was nearly flat. Great, I thought, no food, no light, and now I'm not even going to be able to tell the time. Set off for a walk and in spite of all my good intentions, by now I was starting to feel a tad miffed and sorry for myself. This went on for some time until I suddenly thought 'This is the day from HELL' and burst out laughing cos I realised I didn't want to smoke!! Anyways, eventually I found somewhere to charge my phone, and aquired a loaf. Great I thought, cooking with gas now. Well, not literally, cos there is no gas where I live, but you get the jist. Walked home, passed a cloud of smoke that may or may not have had people in it:confused: and was still laughing cos I still didn't want to smoke LOL!! And the evening wasn't too bad, propped my front door open to get the light from the communal landing, and hung out eating bovril sandwhiches. But the RELEASE of not needing a cigarette was absolutely AMAZING LOL!! Now, if I had been in that situation a few weeks ago, as a smoker, no money, no light, no food, no fags etc., I would have been climbing the walls and running around with an axe in each hand LOL!! But it was such a relief to not feel the need for a cigarette. When I first quit I couldn't understand what people meant by freedom cos I thought how am I free?? I'm obsessed with cigarettes and craving 24/7, where is the freedom?? More like a prison cell. But now I do understand, cos even though I did have 'the day from hell' yesterday, I was really happy to be not smoking!! And THAT is freedom!! So long may it continue I say!!

    Now, where was I? Ahh yes....

    'Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens, brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favourite things....' hee hee,

    Zoe xx

  • Zoe - and I know it's wrong to laugh at somebody elses misfortunes - but that had me in stitches!

    Seriously - you should write a book ! And include a CD recording of your fact I think I'm going to find all your postings and put a book together myself ... (and send you the royalties of course) - gotta think of a good title though....:D



  • Seriously - you should write a book ! And include a CD recording of your fact I think I'm going to find all your postings and put a book together myself ... (and send you the royalties of course) - gotta think of a good title though....:D



    How about "How to quit a cat?" :p

    And well done Fellie, don't think I've spoken to you before? You sound so positive, which is great.

  • Hi Fellie:D

    Erm, I don't think you really want a CD of my songs - my barrister is going for an insanity plea and asking for 299 other offences to be taken into consideration....:eek: And my posts are strictly under copyright;)

    Aha, I see you are another September quitter, are you going to come and join us in the Successful September Stoppers? I will put you on the list anyway.

    Take care,

    Zoe xx

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