9 weeks 4 days

I am close to reaching 10 weeks. :)

I am happy to got that far .

I desperately need a goal and I've been thinking of how every december I think of stopping smoking in the new year and how guilty I feel for still smoking. Hopefully this 31.12. it wont be like that, I already stopped smoking and start smoke free the new year.

I need to keep fighting :p

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  • Congrats!!!

    Wow - be proud!!! :-)

    Your goal is simple - never take another puff!! SImples! :-)

    Ok - howabout count up the money you have saved then buy yourself something in the Sales after Xmas???

  • ha ha ha Chris How weird is that I've been watching some Ali G. (Sex and relationships - do you believe in mahogany? LOL!)

    Yes I'd choose something I want (erm like an expensive new phone or whatever) and then use the money saved by not smoking as getting to your goal :)

    You're doing well...don't ditch the quit now !

    Lisa X

  • well done dorset nearly ten weeks brillaint

    i see every day as an achievement as i never thought i could do this ever

    christmas sounds like a good goal

    this will be my frist christmas in my adult life i will be smoke free couldnt ask for more

  • WELL DONE :)

    You should be very proud to be almost at 10 weeks!!!

    Keep up the great work and yes, I agree buy yourself something nice in the Jan sales for making it over Xmas/New Year and for saving so much by not smoking

    Woo x

  • ... thanks everyone .:)

    I post in the wrong thread, shows where my head it. I think I am still suffering from nicotine withdrawal getsmile.com/emoticons/smil...

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