No Smoking Day
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9 weeks 4 days

I am close to reaching 10 weeks. :)

I am happy to got that far .

I desperately need a goal and I've been thinking of how every december I think of stopping smoking in the new year and how guilty I feel for still smoking. Hopefully this 31.12. it wont be like that, I already stopped smoking and start smoke free the new year.

I need to keep fighting :p

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Wow - be proud!!! :-)

Your goal is simple - never take another puff!! SImples! :-)

Ok - howabout count up the money you have saved then buy yourself something in the Sales after Xmas???


ha ha ha Chris How weird is that I've been watching some Ali G. (Sex and relationships - do you believe in mahogany? LOL!)

Yes I'd choose something I want (erm like an expensive new phone or whatever) and then use the money saved by not smoking as getting to your goal :)

You're doing well...don't ditch the quit now !

Lisa X


well done dorset nearly ten weeks brillaint

i see every day as an achievement as i never thought i could do this ever

christmas sounds like a good goal

this will be my frist christmas in my adult life i will be smoke free couldnt ask for more



You should be very proud to be almost at 10 weeks!!!

Keep up the great work and yes, I agree buy yourself something nice in the Jan sales for making it over Xmas/New Year and for saving so much by not smoking

Woo x


... thanks everyone .:)

I post in the wrong thread, shows where my head it. I think I am still suffering from nicotine withdrawal


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