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No Smoking Day
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Here We Go....Day 17!

Morning everyone, Day 17 already cant believe Im saying that I was so worried about day 9 because Ive always thrown in the towel by then! I have decided to alternate my patches 15mg one day and 10mg the next because I put my 15 on at 7am and have been taking it off around 5pm which I worked out to be 10mg being adminstered over 10hrs as the patches should be worn for 16hrs, so I thought Id give it a go but cant wear them longer than 5pm or I can forget sleep or choose to visit the land of freaky and disturbing dreams which Ive had my fill of!

Anyway I would be interested in yourthoughts and I will tell you how it goes after today :) xx

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Day 14 for me...

Congrats - when people say the day they're on, in my head I always hear the Geordie guy that narrates Big Brother

"and it's day 17 in the no smoking house"

how do you wrote a geordie accent?



At work, when they ask me how its going I try and do the BB thing "Day 33".

I also read Sarah Millicans tweets in a geordie accent!!!

This chocolate tastes of coconut...why is bound'te


LOL now i too am going to read the days with a Geordie accent!! :):):)


Day seventeen in the nooer smooerkin' house


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