No Smoking Day
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Feeling proud

I know it's only day 3 for me but I am feeling pretty proud of myself for not having smoked (I don't do that anymore!).

For once I think I am actually acknowledging that quitting is not easy and to give myself some credit for doing this, doing anything really. I am way to hard on myself lol.

A work colleague walked past me today after having been for a ciggie. I wouldn't have noticed if it where not for the smell. I obviuosly didn't say anything but acknowledged the fact that she was rather pongy. She is a good friend so will keep these thoughts to myself ;)

Had a minor crave when I came out of work as that was probably my most looked forward to ciggie after the first morning one. Had another small one when eating dinner. Lord knows why, I have never smoked and eaten and gave up having a ciggie after eating a long time ago! They where easy to deal with thank goodness.

For a change I am feeling positive and happy being a non smoker and happy and settled that I am going to keep this new way of life going. Still taking one day at a time but hope that after all the failed attempts I can take a step back from myself if the going gets tough and get through any nasties.

Also proud to say OH is on day & :D

Gaynor x

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yeah Gaynor for getting through!:D

well done and keep positive and one hour at a time hun!!

give yourself loads of credit because you are accomplishing something..overcoming addiction is nothing to take lightly so congrats!!:)


Get in there!!!

Its so hard but keep telling yourself its worth it in the end.

Ive been trying to simplify smoking a cigarette.

Its just a piece of paper with a plant stuffed in there. We then light it and inhale the burnt bit!!!!


Thanks I'm a quitter and well done you on a fantastic quit. You will be stepping into the penthouse before you know it :D

G x


Hi Alzy, not only is it a piece of paper with plant in it (amongst other things) it is also a damned expensive, health ruining piece of paper with plant in it. No more I say ;):D

G x


Go for it Gaynor you can do this, give it your best.

Best wishes. Maria. x


Great to hear you sounding so positive Gaynor. You must be better equipped this time - I really believe that every attempt to quit is a valuable learning experience.


Thank you Maria & Mrs T :D

G x



It is amazing how quickly the sences start to recover, I started noticing the smell of smoke on my OH and dislike it alot. Hopefully it can keep me going the right direction.


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