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No Smoking Day
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Let Day 2 begin!!!

Well, Day 1 was completed at 2pm today! Chuffed!! Know that this is a small victory in the war but its an important one.

I am already starting to doubt my mental health - everytime I get a craving - I take a sip of green tea and say - well, Nicotine, if you hurt me - I will hurt you with this anti-oxidiant. Am I going mad!!! :-) As you can imagine - I am drinking alot of green tea!!! :-)

How is everyone else getting on!!

Over and Out!!


2 Replies

YEY!!! Congrats hunni :) Keep up the great work and know I am right with you :)

Woo x


Well done, we are right with you, day 2 as well for me and feeling fine so far, in fact better than the last attempt and almost as good as the first!


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