No Smoking Day
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Here I am on Day 4!!

After last weeks unfortunate drunken relapse I've made it to day four again. Seriously snotty and choking on air, it's disgusting. If I make it to full blown quitting, I'm never smoking again!! Ergh!!

Made the soonest appointment I could get at the stop smoking clinic. I hope they don't tell me to ditch the leccy cig because i love it!!It's not for two weeks though, rubbish!!

Has anyone else experienced NHS stop smoking sessions?


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Not a group just a one to one every time i went had to blow into the smoke detector. I got fed up with it. So decided to just do the quit myself this time. Go with what you feel ok with and good luck . Jacqui. *Live long and prosper. AND PROUD MEMBER OF NOPE.


well done on getting to day 4:D i used to try and get to see my quit nurse and discuss how my quit was going once a fortnight but ended up stopping after 2 (mainly due to health probs) but as Jacqui said everyone is different

hope your soon snot free


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