No Smoking Day
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One month down!

I made it to one month without a smoke! Not once did the cravings get the better of me, not even on the couple of occasions when I was out on the lash (wedding, funeral, celebration of my cousin getting his PhD)!

Came into college this morning, sat having a coffee with the folks I normally chat with (they all happen to be at least ten years older than me), and when the subject of quitting came up, they turned some all-knowing smiles on me and said "Yeah, but nobody ever really quits. The best you can do is to give them up for a while. At some point in the future, you'll start smoking again."

I had no idea how to answer that, and it really took the wind out of my sails. Eventually, I stole a line of dialogue from The Mentalist: "Every time you light one of those things, remember that somewhere, a billionaire tobacco executive is laughing at you."

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***high five***

same day quit - you should be posting in 'Month 2' now :D


Are your college friends smokers, ex-smokers or non-smokers?

If they're non-smokers. ignore them...what do they know?

If they're smokers, ignore them...they are just jealous.

If they're ex-smokers, ignore them...they haven't fully embraced being non-smokers, so at heart they are still see above.

Well done to getting to month 1


LOL loved your quote, did that shut them up?

And well done on completing your first month.

Lillie xx


Cheers folks!

Elizabeth: the people who said those things are smokers, but they're keeping their mouths shut now :)

Lillie: Indeed it did (minus some memorised comebacks about the tax they pay on each pack, etc...)


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