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Thank you


Hi all

I feel like i have known you all for ages. I started reading your post on the evening i decided to quite 6 days ago. I decided to go cold turkey and must admit that this time around was not so bad at all. The only thing i cant seem to get over is that i am not sleeping at all. Today i also noticed that my eating habit has stoped (i dont need to put everything i see in my mouth)

I was a little worried this weekend for it was my birthday and we all know what goes almost hand in hand with a party siggies and drinks, i suprised myself for not craving once during the evening and and even tried having a glass of wine tonight to see if i was dreaming but no its true no craving.

Please tell me that i have nothing to fear for the next few days weeks or months that this monster might pop up when i dont expect it to.

Guess i am talking to much again - what i wanted to say was thank you so very much for all the posts and motivation you all have given me without even knowing you did that. I cant wait to see what will be on the next post for day 7

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Very well done for quitting Done!!!

I don't know whether you're going to majorly crave in the future but I'd just carry on reading and reading like you have been doing (it's certainly helped me), just in case. Forewarned is forearmed. If you want to join the October Quit group just check the social group out on your member page. Again congrats on your quit.

Lisa X

Hi lisa

Thank for writing back and congrats to u 2 its nice knowing that one is not alone in all of this. I also tried to join the October quit group not so good with this

Enjoy you evening speak soon


No, you've gone and done it're a member which means you're never alone. Ha ha ha....Here's the link for the October group (I hope it works). XXX

There should be a joing group button on that page somewhere.

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