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Do you still have a taste in the Morning???

Hello Fellow Quitters:). Hope you are all have a good Sunday... Day 13 and doing well but I just wondered does anyone else still have that taste in their mouths when they wake up in the morning...its like Ive smoked the night before, probably just mind games......:rolleyes: on patches so nothing being administered oraly!

Smoked for 27 years, quit date 17.10.2011

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Hi Julie,

I don't have the "taste", but morning is the most difficult time for me. Smoking was the first thing I did for many many years, so I suppose the association will take a while to go away.

You're doing great, by the way!

Have a good Sunday



Hi Julie,

Not so much in the morning, but I do sometimes get a taste of fag ash in my mouth and then convince myself I've been smoking when I know I haven't:( Not nice. I am on Champix, but I gather this symptom is typical of quitting whatever method we use. Hope it goes away for us soon:)



I get this and have to clean my teeth...I think I read on a website somewhere, that as your lungs are clearing out all the tar and can smell all this stuff coming off your lungs. Maybe that smell was always there and we just couldn't smell it because we horrible. But anyway I think that's where the smell and taste may come from...or sometimes it's a ?memory.

Well done on quitting this long.

Lisa X


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