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So close to the end of day 3...yet it feels so far

Hi everyone, just been hanging around reading all the support on here, it's great to see.

I hadn't planned to give up based on the fact that I love to smoke, it's just the smell, health issues, money etc etc that is related to it.

Nothing so relaxing is ever without some negatives heh.

Anywho, kinda went most of the day a couple days ago baking and I didn't want to stop for a smoke, once I was done I figured it made sense to try giving it up.

So it's midnight of the third day, I've occasionally used the quickmist thing and a temperamental e-cig.

I've mostly gotten past the dizziness I had on day 1, worsened on day 2 and got through most of today with the odd healthier nicotine fix (not that I get any real satisfaction from them) by spending the day at a party with most people taking smoke breaks outside (same place I used to go to do it).

Now it's close to sleepy time and I'm having major cravings that I can't satisfy even a bit whatever I use.

I guess all I can do is try to ignore it, as much as I'd like to give in, I don't want to do that.

I shall keep reading this forum in times of weakness in hopes of some strength :p.

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Hi there if you want to do this there is plenty of help here and it can be done if you really want to.


Giving up the easy ones is a good start and quite easy as are the ones you never noticed. the ones that go great with the phone are a doddle to quit once youve ignored a few of em. then theres the ones first thing with your coffee, seems unthinkable. but just takes a bit of planning what to do instead .once youve done it once its easy to repeat. the last one at night same principle as the others till eventually you can do probably anything without a smoke. treat it all as an experiment.youve nothing to lose and everything to gain. the freedom is awesome. all the best Mash x:cool:


Thanks, yeah I see the support here is great, along with support from friends and family (some smokers, some quitters).

I think the ones I want the most are morning an night, second place goes to the boredom smokes and the 'waiting' smokes and ofcourse when I'm out and everyone else goes out to smoke...left on my own like an outcast haha.

Hopefully the cravings will die down soon and I can stop thinking about it, I do feel alot better though, a bit less exhausted after walking alot and general health. Anywho, yeah I can see what you mean, getting out of the old routine that hasn't really changed in however many years lol.

Thanks, one day/hour/minute/second at a time :D


Hiya JAS,

Hang on in there...I think of cigarettes as just fuelling an addiction now. At the end of the day that's all it's about. I can hand on my heart say that after so many years I didn't like any one of my smokes. Trouble is once you've given up for a few days your mind starts romanticising about the fags...saying that certain fags made you feel particularly good (like the in the morning or after meals)....this is a crock of bull and just your mind giving you an excuse for feeding your addiction. Just remember why you decided you didn't need the cigarettes in the first place and just get through the next hour without one....then the next. I think we quit together on the same day...stay strong quit buddy.

Lisa X


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