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Day 2 Jittery

Wow after finally dropping off at around 3.00am this morning, awake at 4.00am, then back to sleep until 9.00am that's around 8 hours sleep in two days. Oh well totally my fault. I'm so glad I'm here on Day 2 going cold turkey. Feeling jittery and anxious this morning, my legs are on the move like an irish dancer. Diddly diddly dee. Not sure I want to brave Birmingham to do some christmas shopping. It'll either frustrate me or take my mind off things. Might as well go, I can always come back if I feel like smacking fellow shoppers. Good luck all with your quit. Lisa X

Thanks to EVERYONE on this forum...bloody brilliant and you're really helping. X

P.S. Couldn't get an appointment for the docs for this bloody cough and sore throat so I'll have to leave it til next week. I sound like a seal arf arf.

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Wish I hadn't bloody drunk whisky the night before last...I dunno whether this horrible clammy, cold sweat is down to the booze, going cold turkey, or having a "bad chest"????? Whatever it's from it ain't nice :(



Had a major craving....haven't gone shopping yet...will go in a I just wanted nicotine. I'm coughing like an old lady, loads of green gunk coming up...eww horrible. I think the stuff coming up is from all those years smoking. Also weirdly...I feel like I smell of nicotine like I'm sweating it through my pores. Had to have an extra bath to get rid of the smell. Anyway soz for all the posts...typing things out is really helping.


Don't apologise Lisa, if it's helping you stay quit then post as much as you like (i'm still laughing at your seal impression ;))


I would leave shopping today if I were you, and give yourself some TLC. :)(although to be fair, I hate busy city centre shopping anyway)

Well done on getting so far, and keep going. :cool:


Hey Lisa

I didnt get to sleep till 6am, I was watching some quality tv....Perry Mason lol.

Please dont put off having that cough checked, try again tomorrow for an appt. It could be your body getting rid of all the gunk and it also might not be.

Youre doing so well, to crash and get right back on the wagon is not the easiest ting in the world and you have done it! It just shows what willpower you do have.

Keep going, keep posting, keep talking

Lillie xxx


Hi Lisa,

It is only natural to get cravings on Day 2, but once you get past Day 3 they will start to ease up.

And like Jen says, I would leave the shopping for today cos it will only wind you up. Might be a good idea to go for a walk somewhere quiet if you can cos it does bring the stress levels down. And don't forget to drink plenty of water, and fruit juice if you have it, they do help.

Keep going, you are doing really well:D



Hi everyone,

I didn't see your posts until I'd left the house for wasn't that bad but I must admit to feeling a bit confused and not sure what to buy. My husband was saying "shall we get such and such this and such and such that?" I just kept saying I don't know...we kinda gave up. The smell of people smoking as they walked past was horrible and combined with magnified Mr Sizzle/hamburger smells really made me feel sick. My nose is so sensitive.

@lillie....Perry Mason wow....that's nearly as good as Qunicy LOL!. Sorry you had a bum night....fingers crossed we get a better sleep tonight. I rang the docs and I'm going to have a spigo thingy test next week to look at lung function and if there's been any damage then they may do a chest X-ray. Thanks for all the advice guys. I dunno about having great willpower I just know I'm crippling myself if I smoke...coughing the way I've been lately has been painful and awful so I just don't want to smoke anymore. X

Roll on another day as a non-smoker. XXXXXXXx


Feeling crap

Well if I can give up whilst feeling this crappy, I can give up for good....hope I don't sound like a hypochondriac, but I have;

diahorrea, cold sweats, cystitis, runny nose, sore throat, deep cough and will probably get insomnia again tonight....

I am not going through this shit bye bye Nicotine (get away from me you bitch). Ha ha ha. They mostly come at night....mostly.

On a positive throughout the day, the wheezing and cough is getting better and better the more gunk comes up (sorry to be gross - could be worse my friend calls it lung batter, which is a reason to give up all on it's self).


well done lisa cold turkey and christmas shopping very seasonal post:confused:

seriously cold turkey is the best way but three four days are very hard but your half way and sound like your doing great feel very proud going cold turkey you are already officially a no smoker:)

i am ct 13 days and counting


Tis the season for cig quitting. 13 days CT crikey well be honest Mrs T (is she married to Mr. T from the A-team?) made me have an epiphany two days ago...I always fail using I won't use patches LOL!

Thanks Mrs T and Hotandcold.

I'm not gonna fool myself I think Day3 and Day4 are going to be hard as that's when the nicotine has fully left my system...whatever comes my way, it's better than smoking. I just have to remember trying to cough and breathe these last few days were a nightmare (and it would only get worse if I continued smoking).


Really dont know if about mr T (bet all that jewely worth a bit bon these web sight buying gold) :eek:

listen two days and your doing great!! cough and sore throat are not going to get better straight away your blood pressure is already reducing as your lungs will start clearing flem the body starts healing very quickly !!!!:rolleyes:

next couple of days will be hard but use this forum for support

if you smoked 20 cigs a day you will save £347.00 by Christmas thats lots of shopping!!!!:D:D


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