No Smoking Day
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Day 17

and day 4 since I last used a patch. Im still using the lozenges but only about 6 a day. They really help when I feel like I just cant go another minute.

I just knew in my heart that I could go without the patches and Im hoping that I will know again when I can stop the lozenges, right now they help me.

Im still 21 mg down on my nicotine intake and thats a good thing.

I was a bit wobbly yesterday, not in I really, really wanted one but the temptation was there. Im staying with my parents as I recover from a shoulder replacement op, my mum is the only one who smokes now. She doesnt smell! Her house doesnt smell. My eldest son smokes, my younger one doesnt. When I go to visit my eldest his home doesnt smell, but then he smokes outside as he has a 6 month old, but he doesnt smell either. I want people to smell so I can think YUK! Is that mean of me lol.

Well anyway im pottering along quite happily at the moment I think that the key for me is just remembering that smoking isnt an option.

Good luck to everyone and keep on fighting the fight.

Love Lillie x

ps taking a day off myself, I was really in day 18 :-)

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Hi Lillie,

I can understand how you feel - I find that although stale smoke smells awful to me, I still like the smell of fresh smoke, I think I always did as a child. So I still think 'mmm' when I walk past someone smoking - I'd rather think 'bleurgh'!

Maybe your sense of smell is still recovering and soon you'll smell it?

Well done on coming off the patches by the way :). I'm still on them, but only for a few hours a day as they irritate me too much. I'm just trying to take baby steps towards freedom...


Well done Lillie. I always like to hear how you're doing.

You're doing very well living with a (sweetly smelling) smoker...I would have found that difficult yesterday!

Hope you're recovering well from your operation

Take care



That's great, Lillie - well done.

And you don't need to smell smokers to know that you are doing the right thing!!!


Thanks everyone, never thought i would get this far, it must be my time.

Ive struggled a bit today, kept fancying a smoke but not having one, as for the smell Im sure when I go back to work I will have all the nasty smells of stale smoke that my stomach can handle.

I hope everyone else is baring up well, I know I wouldnt have gotten this far without the support I have from all the lovely people on this site.

Thank you each and everyone of you.

Lillie xx


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