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Day 14...arrghhh!

Difficult today. Cooked a Sunday dinner for my parents. Couldn't escape to have a fag. That was ok, but they've just left and I really have a massive craving to smoke. Done some EFT, wrote some emails and it is slowly (VERY slowly) subsiding. It could be the red wine, which I'm still drinking...I don't know. One day good, next one bad.

Must trust that the bad days will become less. And my Dad actually said he was proud of me for not smoking for 2 weeks. That's a first and I'm nearly 50!!

(well, late 40's!!)

At 10pm tonight I can move into week 3.

Going to stick with it!

Hope everyone is having a good day.


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Well done lizzie week three!!!:)

seams like your not on your own and plenty of people reading through the forums have struggled today. ive found it very difficult to keep busy cooked lunch and invited family round (brother in law enough to turn any one to cigs:eek: ) but the good think is we are all still in the game and tomorrow is another day


tough day all round today :(

but look at you now ,progressing into week 3 , and things (generally) are going to be getting easier and easier.

Jow bout an early night - and a lovely fresh morning :)

well done getting through that

daizy x x


Well done Lizzie - your first two weeks out of the way puts you on a whole different level now!

And surely that bit of belated parental approval has made it all worthwhile, if nothing else!!! Funny things, parents... :confused:


Hiya Lizzie

Sorry this is a bit late but congratulations on reaching day 14, you have worked so hard for this enjoy it. You know by now that we have good and bad days and you are strong enough to get through these bad days.

Keep it up you are doing so well.

Lillie xxx


WEll DONE Lizzie for resisting those sunday dinner fags. its fantastic to break those associations. 14 days is brilliant.



Thank you everybody. Don't think I could do it without you!


Well done Lizzie!



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