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day 7 and still in the fight!!

good morning to all my new room mates , I finally made it to week two:D in my first post someone told me to take it hour at a time and week two was my primary target.. (had saved some nice chocolates to celebrate but ate them in a moment of weakness along with all buiscuits ice cream cakes sweets well pretty much everything not hidden or locked away!!!:p )

I am feeling a bit rough this morning, as I still seem to struggle with sleeping (is this normally side effect of quitting? ) but i am not going to allow that to ruin my day!!

My stop smoking app has said i have already saved £41.77 unfortunately they dont do a app to count money spent on fruit pastells

but would think i would still be in credit :confused:

i am going to have to find away to stay busy today as have no work and think loitering around would be very difficult, and i am running out of things to clean!!:eek:

hope we all have succesfull day !!!

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Congratulations've done REALLY well

I know what you mean about keeping busy. I have felt I mustn't have a spare moment in case I get ambushed by an giant uncontrollable craving. As time has gone on (day 13 for me) this has lessened a bit.

I'm sure this will get even better as the days go on...hope so, as I'm naturally lazy!


ps. Think of something nice to spend your savings on!


congrats to you roomy!!!;) i think i will set myself the same target as you have, three days to go till the official advent of he second week. I must say your stamina is infectious!! I can't wait to be where you are, stay there and don't step back because we are right behind:) But i'm sure you will be fine, the brilliance of going cold turkey is the realization that you don't need no artificial prompts and therefore can legitimately consider yourself to be already an ex-smoker.


ps I ate all my sweet supplies too, but you must admit eating sweets, esp some exquisite chocolate is a lot fancier than smoking!

pps, hmm what shall i do with all the money, feel so rich for some reason...haha


hi sea

only a couple of days left and i cant wait for you to join us

think you are doing superbly (keep it going )

perhaps we should use the extra money for more supplies or even better stick it in a jar. by christmas you will have enough for a last minute city break !!!!:) fancy brussels, paris, rome!!! isn,t it nice to be in control again:p;)


woo - hooo!

a whole week - great :D

im chasing you :p


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