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my reason poor breathing

my reason was i couldnt breath, and got a scare , the scare i probably needed, im 37 and have smoked since i was 14 , was having problems breathing for 2 days and still smoked, pretty sure i had a chest infection , anyway got to 10 oclock at night and had my last cig , was struggling to breath and had major chest pains, really was worried , so that was the last cig , im now on day 45 of cold turkey and can breath fine without any issues , so there you go a great incentive:rolleyes:

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I feel i had a wake up call just before my quit i had extremely muffled hearing even after syringing i had chest pains wheezing hacking cough and just a real bad dark feeling something bad was gonna happen happy to report all symptoms gone since quitting


HIya billybob

Im not trying to scare you but please tell your doctor about your symptoms and get them to send you to the chest clinic for x rays.

I was the same as you with a bad cough on top of it, it turns out Im in the early stages of copd. There are over a million sufferers of this in the uk but many have remained undiagnosed. I now have a dry powder inhaler that helps to open my bronchial tubes and also treats my copd. It isnt curable but can be stopped from progressing.

Please, please go to the doctor.

lillie x


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