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No Smoking Day
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Day 9!!!

Hi all,

Im on day 9 today wooo hooo Cant believe im in to my second week!! My OH has quit today (we havent talked about it today he tries not to think of smoking when he quits so I have not said a word!!lol)

I feeling better than day 6&7 they were my hard days We even went to the pub yesterday and ppl smoking around me I could of had one not a craving as such just a "oh i could just smoke a fag" thought but I had a lozenge in stead and was fine!

Well done everyone!!

Im going to teach my 5yr old daughter to ride her bike with no stablisers (I may be craving more later!!LOL

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Hi Joanna

You're doing great.

I watch (not in a creepy way!) the smokers at work ('cus I can see them at my desk). They are people I know and really like, but by the time they get out there, and this was the same for me of course, they look slightly anxious and a bit desperate to fill up on nicotine. Then they relax and have a chat.

This lasts what 5 minutes?

We can ride that out easily!

Have fun with the bike!


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