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I too have THE big test coming up

Hi guys,

So I have been to the office, the pub, driven for miles, flown, stayed alone abroad in hotels, sat in a sunny back garden, had a curry & stood next to other smokers - all without being tempted at all.

Tomorrow, however, is the ultimate; a family get-together. My, how that will be hard. Not the best in company, a smoke was always my excuse to go AWOL for a while and get out of the polite chit-chat.

Mind you it will be nice not to have that accompanying guilt of stinking upon walking back inside I suppose. There was a bloke I came across today who had been smoking outside the cafe, then he came in for his order. As soon as he opened his gob to order I could smell it - and i was a good 8 foot from him.

I'll do it tomorrow (refrain that is), just wanted it off my chest. End of day 36 today....night night.

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first of all I just wanted to say hi and 'congratulations' on your fantastic achievements so far.... I'm a newbie just ticking the box for Day 3

I have a long car journey 5+ hours in the next few days that I'm not looking forward too !.... but I know I'll deal with it

You should be very confident of beating tomorrows test, considering all the existing wins under your belt !!

I know exactly what you mean about the horrible 'I've just put out a fag breath...' yuck ! In my previous job I used to interview people across a desk and I used to hate the smell of customers who'd obviously just grabbed a last puff before our meeting, horrid ! And that was when I was smoker :eek:

(I luv saying when I was a

So use that as motivator tomorrow, when one of the smokers does 'nip outside' go stand within 5 yards of them when they come back and think how great it is that you no longer smell that horrible way :D

Good Luck, although I don't really think you'll need any luck


Thanks Dragon. I'm back safe, having not wavered.

Congratulations on your quit. Soon any cravings you may have will become less and less. Stay on here for help though.

Take care.


You can do it!

I know exactly what you mean about the hotels though. That "away from home and relaxing in hotels" was always a bitch for me.. I would invariably end up in the hotel bar with a packet of fags over and over..

Just keep the concentration level up and you'll be all good!


Well done, Banfan!

I have just done a full 36 hours with family... my brother decided to turn it into a game, and a full evening had passed before my cousins noticed that I wasn't smoking. It was quite fun, in it's own way! :)


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