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Week 4 Draws to an End

Well it's Friday afternoon and on Sunday the 16 it will be the start of week 5 or should I say Month 2.

This has been the best week of my quit :) I feel great about myself, i have noticed how much smokers STINK.

And best of ALL believe it or not my wife is STILL quit and not a single blib thank the lord!

I was asked to describe how I feel in a single word well here is mine


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Gary I need you to send me some of your positive vibes :)

You are both doing fantasticly well, long may it continue, well done !



Gary that is so fabulous well done:D Glad Gail is still quit too.

And oh the smell of smokers euucck:eek: I walked into the city centre this afternoon and the whole place stank, not just individuals. Think I will have to go and live on top of a mountain somewhere!!

So here's to Week 5 for you and Week 4 for me:cool:



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