No Smoking Day
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My day 5!!

Hi All,

Another good day still feeling positive and not used my spray all day!! only used the ecig a few times (driving to and from work) not sure I even want to use it now!

So hopefully keep going strong!

My OH still smoking I went outside with him earlier me with my cuppa him with a fag he got a fag out the packet and passed it me (as we was in deep conversation) after a split second I said "what are you doing I Dont want it I Dont smoke!!" lol It felt so good saying that even though I forgot I stopped for a split second!! lol at least I didnt light it I was too busy talking!! lol


Keep up the good work

Jo :D


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OMG !!

Well done Jo, that situation would have soooo freaked me out!!

Keep up the good work :D



Thanks!! Was weird!!! LOL

Glad I handed it straight bk though!!

Good Luck!!

Jo xx



WD very well done, about 6 months ago I tried half heartedly to stop smoking! BUT every morning I fell over because of habits, mine was lighting a smoke first thing in the morning (In the Kitchen) with coffee.

Due to the fact both my wife and I smoked the same brand, in the morning there the pack was next to the kettle, so still half asleep not thinking I would light up.

This time round I made her keep her smokes under the microwave :)

The fact that you have broken another habit (Taking a smoke whilst being distratracted) is awsome show's that both your conscious and subconscious on on the SAME page "neither of them smoke" LOL well done!!!

Stay Strong


Thank you!

We "smoked" the same brand and he leaves them next to the kettle!!lol

I have found the hardest to give up is the 1st one in the morning It was the 1st thing i would do!!

Day 6 today has been hard today but still not gave in!!!

Good luck!!

Jo x


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