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Day 22 and feeling so good now

I've always posted to moan so thought I'd post something positive today. I'm feeling so much better than last week. The energy levels are better and that agitated panicky feeling has gone. Phew! I'm not niave enought to think, thats it, all plain sailing now but I do think things are starting to calm down. Its not even been an easy couple of days as my cat has been poorly and I've been worried and had to spend more than I can really afford on vet plus I've had a wisdom tooth removed (mine not my cats!) which I think has caused infection. I've had 2 other wisdom teeth taken out, smoked like a trooper after against all medical advice; this time I am a non smoker and feeling all virtous that I am actually able to follow the proper aftercare advice and I'm having problems!!! Oh the irony! Actually, at one time I might have used this as a "reason" with twisted smokers logic to start smoking again but not now :D

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That's really great news Jo! Well, not the cat or the tooth thing, obviously...

But it's great to hear you sounding so strong and positive. These are the days that keep us all going! And trust me, they will become more and more common.

Hope that you and the cat recover soon - sounds really miserable.


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