No Smoking Day
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day 6 my story

All i can think about is smoking,i dont want to smoke,i honestly really dont ,its such a great feeling,my sister has just been round and i started to panic,i always smoke more when im with her its just what we do anyway as she stood at my back door in the rain i got a wiff ,yuk yuk yuk,and i felt so good i really didnt want to smoke.

Today is such a miserable day,its dark and raining,ive got a killer headache ,still coughing a little and just feel like crawling in my duvet and staying there ,but i know that having a fag will not make me feel better ,in fact i would feel worse,really think ive made a breakthrough today ,still cant wait to get in my pj,s later though, my lovely fresh smelling p.js :o

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You are through the worst of it ! hang tough and well done for not smoking with your sister.

Stay strong


Hi Mrs Wills

You've doing really well.

I try to remember that it takes just a few minutes to smoke the fag..that's all and it keeps you wanting another and another...

I listened to Paul Mckenna Stop Smoking hypnosis cd last night. (Yes I am obssessed with not smoking and will do anything it takes!!!)

Anyway..have had no physical craves as today and haven't wanted a cigarette at all!


Keep at it Mrs'll soon be bedtime!



Oooh those pesky smoking Sisters - I have one of those too!

To be honest, as my sister is older than me I have found myself watching her smoke, but now I'm worrying that she will die from it and leave me all on my non-smoking own. Her health is not good, and our father died from Cardiovascular disease at 61 so not good genes. Soooo want her to give up too but I just wouldn't/couldn't preach to her. She did say she's quite jealous that I have managed to quit as she has tried many times and failed. It got me wondering that while I am watching her inhale all that poison, she is watching me and thinking, gosh I so wish I wasn't controlled by these horrible fags. I think even a hardened smoker deep down would agree that if they could flip a switch and not smoke they would. Next time your Sister visits, try and remember she's probably not enjoying smoking and maybe is watching you for the inspiration to stop one day herself.



ooh lizzie i may try paul mckenna ,yes im obsessed with smoking too but it beats trying not to think about it,bit wobbly this afternoon,just found my hubbys stash of cigs,but coming on here killsd the craving straight away,what a sneaky thing this nicotine monster is tut tut,cant wait to chill out tonight ,nearly done with the housework so may read a bit of my book .

Yes pip my sister was supposed to stop smoking the same time as me but she hasnt cracked it just yet ,but im not gonna preach to her i know it will only make her smoke more but hopefully she will see if i can do it anyone can,she was quite stunned today that id still stopped actually he he .


Nice one Mrswills,

You can help by setting an example, I think that is the best way to help anyone. I know if anybody nagged me into stopping I went on the defensive and felt trapped. And yet if I did meet someone who had quit smoking I was curious and wanted to stop! Strange how our minds work, but so glad you doing well:D



Well done Mrs W - you are doing so well. I too have a smoking sister - there seem to be a lot of them around! My one is six years older than me and is recently retired, so is watching my progress with increasing interest.... Hope that she does it, but I agree, nagging and forcing just don't work.


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