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No Smoking Day
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day 41 good riddance

Have had a really weird past couple days..today mainly..felt like a craving returned..went out for a meal earlier to distract self but no avail..just feel like have had every trigger in the book...annoying!

However have prepared for sneaky nicodemon creeping up on me and have stayed strong even with OH's cigs in nxt room as i type...was a time i would hav buckled and lit up...

Whu so hard at times..its like a constant ur an addict reminder... Roll on 2moz.

Gnite all X

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Hi Nicki

Show's just how strong you can be, huh? Well done, and hope that today has been easier for you.


Thanks Mrs T...been a rough couple days hoping its a 6 week itch and will pass over soon. Will not smoke though!! :)


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