No Smoking Day
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Got to stay on track

ok...trying to regain control of my quit tomorrow.

Here's my reasons to stop.

1. Ugly hacking cough will go away. (I KNOW this because I gave up for 3 years)

2. Will be able to breathe deeply and fully and therefore I could get fit

3. If I am fit I will have more energy (I am a very lethargic sleepy person!)

4. If I have more energy I may be able to control moments of depression and anxiety better.

5. I will stop feeling guilty for hurting my body

6. I will lose that tension from knowing whoever I am with or wherever I am, I will want to smoke.

7. Be free, be proud, be in control

8. My skin, my smell, my taste would improve

9. Be able to cope with life, good and bad, like my non-smoking friends, family and colleagues.

10. Find better things to do with my time!!

It's good to remember why I want/need to do this.

Thanks for listening X

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Brilliant. Print it out, stick it in your purse/bag - and read it when necessary. You can do this.



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