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Bck to day 1 again

Well here I am back to day 1 after losing it at the weekend.

I should know by now that it's never only 1.

Might be good getting patches etc from nurse but they not really very good. I don't think they really understand how hard this is, Give you all the talk on how bad it is etc but no real help.

Think we should all have a friend we can text to yell for help, tey can talk us out of it.

It's friends that really help.

Next time I feel like i failing I will get here quick and call for help.

Wish me luck to keep going

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I know exactly how you feel. It doesn't really help to have someone who never smoked in the first place parrot the Four D's at you while you're feeling miserable.

It sounds like you've had a brilliant idea, though. Are there many ex-smokers or people who want to quit in your area? If there are, and you're not part of a support group already, maybe you and your neighbours could start one? Exchange numbers, so that anytime someone feels tempted to light one up, they can call one of the others for help? I don't know if this kind of thing is done commonly, but it sounds amazing!


Hi, are there any NHS stop smoking support groups in your area? You might be able to make some friends there who can help support you.


Sorry to hear you're back to day 1.. Better luck at it this time!


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