No Smoking Day
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Ok roll on Monday already!

hay guys and dolls was saving this for Monday but I just cant wait to make a splash about my year of not smoking. Whoop me and to be honest Its not been a great year ether but thank goodness and solidarity we have all made it, well done October Quit I will see you in the pent house and by the way I didn't tell any one but I had 1 this year yes a bloody single fag and that's OK I think so here is too us and here is too next year, I love you all very much for your help and support and I want you all to live long and healthy lives, all my best wishes Marcus... aka Lemsip67.

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Congratulations Marcus on your first year, I cant believe it either.

We have all done so well and i for one cant wait to see who from our group stayed the distance.

I will see you in the penthouse 2 weeks after you, but again to you and all our Oct 2010 Buddie's CONGRATS and A VERY BIG WELL DONE :) we have done it!

Roll on Year 2 i say. Oh & as for the one cig that was just it one and you have stayed off so well done on that part too xx


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