No Smoking Day
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Day 17 done n dusted !

Wooo Hoo the start of day 18, my day so far!

Had an awsome nights sleep was awake half an hour before everyone.

Made a cup of coffee NO trigger first enjoyable non smoke related early morning "CUPPA" LOL.

Jumped in the shower, got dressed kissed my little man goodbye (little shit) jumped in our bed last night !!

Arrive at work 7:00 am walk past the smokers I am so glad "I DONT SMOKE"

Everybody, say it with me "I DONT SMOKE" doesnt it feel wonderful to make that statment and know that it is TRUE ?

Have a wonderful day and STAY STRONG !!!

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Well done Gary, you are doing really well.

Glad you had a good night last night. I spilled some milk at work and got down on my knees to clean up the mess. My back went pop and now I am in agony. I have had no sleep and really could do with a cigarette (I won't though because I am stubborn :)). Have still come into work because I know if I was off that there would be mass panic :eek: because I am the organised person and no one else knows what they are doing :rolleyes:.

Have a good day and keep up the great work.



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