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Day 2, feeling stressed and confused!

I am on day 2 of giving up. I have really struggled this afternoon but am pleased to say I didn't give in to the voice in my head, I just hope tomorrow isn't as bad! I am using 2mg lozenges but am a little worried that I will get addicted to the lozenges and am also a little confused at the fact that there is more nicotine in a lozenge than in a cigarette:confused: Has anybody else used the lozenges and can anyone explain the benefit of a lozenge to a cigarette ( I am sure there must be one!) I have tried giving up before and CT just wasn't for me.

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Hi Jarnie it will get better but it will take time. I have no knowledge of nrt sorry went on will power. Stick with it you can do it, come on here it was a great help to me in the beginning, lots of support from others who were on the same journey.



Hi there,

Yes it's a bit puzzling the amount of nicotine in the NRT therapies. I've assumed it may be to do with the method of delivery being different, ie it's going into your bloodstream via absorbtion rather than inhaled which is a more direct route??

I'm on patches & inhilator and found the first 4/5 days quite a challenge, but I think that applies to most of us. If you can take one day at a time, as everyone told me it does get much easier as each day passes.

Good luck, and use the forum to get you through!



Hi Jarnie,

Not all of the nicotine in the lozenge will be absorbed, and as the rate of absorbtion is also slower, it gives you a longer dose of nicotine, but the peak blood level doesn't get as high. A bit like the difference between a big bowl of porridge versus a small bar of chocolate - there might be more calories in the porridge, but the chocolate bar will leave you wanting more very quickly.

Hope that makes sense and hasn't made it more confusing! :o

The main benefit of the lozenge over a cigarette is that you won't be getting the other load of more dangerous chemicals in your lungs! At the moment, I wouldn't worry about becoming addicted to the lozenges, it's unlikely you would, but if you did you could cross that bridge at a later point.

Well done on getting so far and keep going x :D



Thanks for your help and yes that does make sense now. I will certainly keep using this site its really good and gives you that extra help knowing that other people are there for you and are going through the same thing. Day 3 and hitting the worst part of the day for me now, but its a battle worth fighting!

Thanks again and good luck to all x


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