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Bad dreams - Non drug related


I'm sure it's something to do with my quit, but even though I'm not taking any medication, I've had the WORST dreams in the last few nights..

I dreamt I was in a plane crash, and then in the same night, attacked by zombies.

Last night actually brought back smoking related dreams. First off that I was smoking again, and then another where I was having desperate cravings, and those old internal arguments with myself where I was trying to justify smoking. I was so relieved when I woke up and didn't have any cravings at all

Is there anyone else having these effects on cold turkey, or is most of it drug induced?

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If you search on this site for 'dreams' or 'sleep disturbance' you will find a gasquillion posts to show you that you're not alone. Although I think Champix etc can cause some really vivid weird dreams, cold turkey quitters experience it too. I know I did. All part of the journey of mental and physical readjustment, I guess!

Ah well, this too shall pass. You're doing great, keep going!


Oooh yes wierd dreams and it's almost every night.

Last night I dream't I was being choked in between my niece and my sister who both smoke. Hopefully that's a good sign that I am now a non smoker in my dreams!

Have had some really strange ones though. Last week after watching Holby City I suddenly became a medical student, however not a very good one as I was killing all the patients off as I didn't know how to operate the oxygen masks :eek:

Dreams have never really bothered me, but I know some people can find them very upsetting or scary. Hopefully this side of things will start improving over time. In the meantime, I am trying to limit my TV viewing as I think that's stimulating the dreams ??

Pip x

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